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The powerful benefits of CBD and other natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant is no longer a secret. The public has taken notice, and the industry has exploded. The Plug Supply has been here since the beginning, helping farmers and businesses to cultivate, harvest, refine, and ultimately sell high-grade hemp products. Over the years we have developed programs to execute every facet of the journey from seed to finished product, ensuring top-shelf quality and maximizing profits for our partners.

Our services are designed to be customized and scaled to your needs, whether we’re getting our hands dirty on your farm land, extracting 99%+ pure CBD distillate in our state-of-the-art laboratory, anything in between, or all of the above. We pride ourselves in keeping pace with the latest developments in the rapidly evolving hemp industry and creating win-win situations for our partners. If you’re looking to build a business in the cannabis market space, you simply won’t find a better resource for service and experience anywhere else.

We are all things hemp!

Premium Genetics

We offer stable, high-yielding seeds and seedlings that are 99% feminized with a 99% germination rate.

Precision Agronomy

We develop custom-tailored plans to fit your unique farm with the right genetics, fertilization, and irrigation.


We've partnered with the world's best hemp extraction laboratories to process your biomass into more marketable commodities.

Hemp Farming Equipment

Our specialized resources are available to you for planting, cultivating, harvesting & refining your hemp crop. Available for rental, purchase, or as a service we provide.

Post Harvest Services

Everything you need to deliver your crop from farm to final sale, we can help with drying, shucking, milling, storage, and logistics.

Custom Farming Services

Take the guesswork out of farming hemp with expert support for propagation, irrigation, planting, male remediation, and more.

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The Plug Supply Story

In 2012 there was a major shift in the legalization of cannabis and this led Brad Menard, The Plug Supply’s CEO & Founder, becoming a master grower, an equity partner with a cannabis greenhouse in Southern Colorado and also a distributor for EgoGen, selling kilos of CBD isolate.

Many questions had to be answered for the farmers to have a fighting chance. There were so many ways to plant, cultivate, and harvest. Which were the best farming methods to produce the highest quality?

Brad quickly and effectively put together a team to take action and find ways to alleviate these questions and concerns. This led to the creation of The Plug Supply.

In the spring of 2018, after being blessed with setting up the largest CBD grow in the country, of 1800 acres, The Plug Supply was able to identify what to do and definitely what not to do through significant trial and error and R & D. We also identified that if farmers want a fighting chance of success, they truly needed data-backed agronomy support.

By 2019, Brad and The Plug Supply team managed 175 farms in 14 states, at over 8,000 total acres. We expanded our network, adding 4 Satellite Locations in Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kentucky. Also partnering with 6 extraction businesses.

The Plug Supply’s mission is to support hemp farmers, to educate them with accurate information on the current market, farming best practices, and how to win with processing/distribution. When farmers have honest resources, they are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Thank you for your support and we hope you will grow with us!

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