Have Your Biomass Processed In Our State Of The Art Laboratory

The Plug Supply manages and executes extraction contracts with our regional extraction partners, to ensure the deadlines set with our farmers are met.

What does that mean to you? No more manufacturing excuses, no more promises that cannot be delivered. We make sure that we not only produce the highest quality material, but also that our farmers have the best chance of capitalizing on their crop before further market saturation.

We currently offer different extraction deals depending on your goals:

Farmer Pays Cash for Extraction / Post Refinement and Recieves 100% of their End Product

Due to the bottleneck that the labs, and the industry as a whole, has been facing, we are now offering that the farmer pay cash ($4/input lb) to take their biomass to crude form, and another $4/input lb to take it to post refinement, I.E. CBD isolate or distillate. This ensures that the farmer gets the best price and prevents the labs from having to sell the end product for too low of an amount, undercutting the market. When done this way the farmer keeps 100% of their profit once sold.

60/40 Split With Extraction Lab

One of our partnered extraction labs will put you into their queue on a first-come, first-served basis. The lab receives product and refines it into CBD isolate or distillate. Our company distributes the product and turns it into cash, disbursing 60% to the farmer and 40% to the lab.

Which Extraction Deal Is Right For You?

The Split/Tolling Agreement is a good way for the farmer to maximize their harvest and typically generates more income compared to selling just their biomass outright. With that being said the product does have to be split with the extractor thus leading to the bottleneck that has caused problems in the past. Farmers paying cash for their post refinement are going to own 100% of their product outright and because of this might have the best chance at getting the highest price on the distribution side.

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