Take The Trial & Error Out Of Farming Hemp

Transitioning your farm from traditional crops like corn or soybean into a hemp operation is a huge undertaking, and often a risk for those who aren’t familiar with the particular demands of the crop or the business.

The Plug Supply has over 60 years of combined experience managing over 175 farms and thousands of acres of hemp crop. Let us share our experience with you, to help you avoid common pitfalls and allow you to have successful seasons for years to come.


We provide superior genetics in the form of 99% feminized seeds and seedlings. We recommend, and are able to fully support, propagating seedlings indoors for the first 45 days, then transplanting into the field. If our detailed propagation standard operating procedure is followed, we can guarantee a 98% or better germination rate.

Drip Irrigation & Plastic Mulch

Providing consistent, controlled watering and feeding provides the best-yielding plants and also reduces the risk of hermaphrodites, which can wreak havoc with pollination and ultimately lead to a devalued crop. Caring for your plants with drip irrigation and plastic mulch is the best method for avoiding this.


Our methods of hemp planting are designed to deliver the highest germination rates and the maximum yield of CBD per plant. We can sell or rent specialized planting equipment, or depending on availability in your area, can perform the complete service for you.

Male Remediation

One challenge of farming high-CBD hemp flower is pollination from males or hermaphrodites, which inhibits the oil production of the plant, causing a 15-20% CBD crop to be reduced to 4-6%. Financial losses due to pollination can be as high as 95%. We can provide guidance on avoiding this issue, or perform the service for you, depending on availability in your area.

Your Complete Resource

Hemp farms don't fail because of a lack of hard work; they fail from a lack of understanding of what the plant needs to yield a high-CBD product. We are here to support you with the knowledge you need to make sure your efforts are being directed in the most productive manner possible. Whatever problem you may be experiencing, we've been there, learned from it, and know how to help.

We Are Farmers

While our network has grown to include agronomists, scientists, and technicians, we are farmers first and foremost. We're here to support other farmers because we know what it's like to lose an entire season's work because of one mistake or oversight. Growing a new crop and trying to sell it in an emerging industry can be scary, and you need an ally you can trust to help with any and all of the issues you may not be prepared for.