Hemp Commodities

Our position in the industry allows us access to state-of-the-art extraction and refinement resources, which means that our laboratories and production facilities can deliver the highest quality hemp product available for any application. Whether you need a source of ready to process biomass, 99+% pure isolate, or retail-ready products, you can count on us to supply you with the highest-grade product at competitive prices.


Cannabinoid-rich biomass has all the potential to be used for any hemp product you can dream up. If you have resources for production and refinement, purchasing freshly-harvested material is a cost-effective option that allows you to have full control over every stage of the production process.

Biomass from The Plug Supply contains a minimum of 9% cannabinoids, and as much as 22%, and is priced accordingly. We certify that our harvested biomass contains 0.3% THC or less, as required by federal regulations.


Representing the final stage of cannabinoid refinement, we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art laboratories to arrive at 99%+ pure CBD. This potent powder is completely THC-free and widely used as the active ingredient in a variety of retail products.

In addition to CBD Isolate, The Plug Supply also offers Isolates of CBG and CBN, two cutting-edge cannabinoids which are only just beginning to be recognized for their own unique beneficial properties.

THC-Free Distillate

The “entourage effect” refers to the synergy that occurs between CBD and all of the other cannabinoids that work together to impact the human body. While some products contain nothing but pure CBD Isolate, others include Distillates containing the full range of cannabinoids to take advantage of the entourage effect. However, manufacturers are required to make sure that THC, the compound responsible for the intoxicating effects of marijuana, accounts for no more than 0.3% of any product’s cannabinoid profile.

We provide the solution to this problem by using a proprietary extraction method to remove THC from the distillate, delivering a potent product with a rich cannabinoid profile that’s also legally compliant.

Nano Isolate CBD, CBG, CBN

Nano CBD is quickly becoming the next step in the evolution of medicinal hemp products. The science behind Nano is that by breaking up microscopic clumps of CBD into individual molecules, the Isolate increases in bioavailability. Essentially that means the body is able to absorb the cannabinoid more quickly and use it more efficiently.

Consumers are beginning to choose Nano CBD products that act faster and are more effective with the same dosage as compared with traditional CBD products. The Plug Supply offers 99%+ pure Nano CBD Isolate and Nano CBG Isolate.


Organic compounds responsible for the distinct smell and flavor
of different cannabis strains, terpenes also possess some medicinal properties. Claimed physiological effects include stress reduction, pain relief, and mood elevation.

Terpenes are often incorporated into products containing isolates as a way of adding a natural hemp flavor back in, since these are not present in pure CBD, CBG, or CBN. Innovative products continue to push the full capabilities of our hemp terpenes, available from The Plug Supply in liquid oil form.

THC-Free Crude

The federal requirement that all hemp products contain no more than 0.3% THC can present legal and logistical issues for businesses operating in the industry. When crude hemp oil is extracted from biomass, sometimes the THC level can rise above the legal limit because the concentration is so high. If this happens, the product cannot be sold or transported without the risk of legal consequences.

The Plug Supply has eliminated this concern by using our specialized extraction process to remove all the THC from crude hemp oil. All the other cannabinoids and terpenes remain, providing you with a viable and legally-compliant product that can then be processed and incorporated into retail products without issue.

Nano Distillate

In addition to nanotizing CBD and CBG Isolates, we are able to use our cutting-edge methods to create Nano Distillates for the entire spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp. The same concept applies, so that the body is able to more quickly absorb and make better use of all cannabinoids and terpenes when they have been broken down into individual molecules.

Our Nano Distillates contain no THC, and can in fact be customized to match any cannabinoid profile you require.



Aromatic water produced from the distillation process, our hydrosol contains hemp essential oils and can be used for a number of different applications.
It is incorporated into a number of skincare and beauty products, where it is used as a toner to soothe, balance and hydrate.

Hemp Stalk

Even before the explosion of the CBD industry, the hemp plant has been recognized for its versatility and wide range of uses. We use every part of the plant to leave a smaller footprint and ensure greater sustainability for our industry. After being shucked of the cannabinoid-rich flower, hemp stalk can be used to create textiles, paper, and other tangible items.

Hurd, the woody inner part of the stalk, can be separated for use in polymer plastics, hempcrete, insulation, animal bedding, and soil remediation.

Spent Material

People are finding more uses for the leftover bud and flower that remains after extraction every day. It’s currently found value as animal feed filler, in hemp cigarettes, and converted to biochar for fertilization applications. Let us know how we can help you leverage this inexpensive and readily available resource!