Monetizing Your Hemp Crop

The Plug Supply has developed thorough post-harvest procedures and protocols to ensure your hemp crop is processed quickly, efficiently, and delivered without degrading in quality.

Rely on our facilities, equipment, and knowledge to take your harvested biomass from farm to buyer or extractor, while maintaining the highest concentration of CBD possible.


We offer hang drying and flash drying services for your harvested hemp biomass. Like tobacco, hang drying is still the standard for preserving the quality of the crop, while flash drying provides a more time-effective solution.


We prefer to hand-shuck dried hemp biomass as it is typically the fastest and most efficient method, although there is also machinery available for this task. If you don't have the manpower to tackle the task of hand-shucking acres of hemp crop, we're here to help!

Milling & Pelletizing

The hemp plant has thousands of uses! Once the hemp stalk has been shucked of its cannabinoid-rich buds, it can be milled or pelletized to any specification depending on it's intended application.

Shipping & Logistics

Getting your processed hemp product into the right hands in a timely manner is important for preserving the shelf life of the final product. Depending on how you're processing and selling your hemp, The Plug Supply fleet will get it where it needs to go, on schedule!