Be a Part of Our Satellite Program

Are you passionate about helping farmers succeed at growing hemp? The Plug Supply is looking for teams with knowledge and resources to share and support growers on a regional basis. We have partnered with hemp farmers in Kentucky, Wisconsin and Illinois, and will soon be adding more!

Our Satellite Program is designed to support farmers who prefer learning hands-on and face-to-face with experienced growers that are familiar with the local climate and challenges. If you’re interested in joining The Plug Supply family as a satellite location, contact us today!

Core Locations

HQ - Denver, Colorado

This is where it all started! The Plug Supply began by moving wholesale CBD products in the state at the start of the CBD boom. After seeing all of the brokers and middle men in the space, we decided to take the reins and form meaningful partnerships with good, honest companies in the industry. Our mission was to provide the best genetics, support and extraction possible for the farmers, so that they can make the most profit possible without it passing through so many hands.

We built a full Track and Trace program and CRM for our farmers and partners, allowing us to build a wealth of hemp farming data that we can draw from, allowing our partners to grow and improve for years to come. Our goal is to help the farmer maintain the best of the best in the industry, creating win-win situations for all involved.

Breeding - Medford, Oregon

In order to provide stable, high-yield hemp genetics to our farmers and partners, we decided to start our own breeding program. Our state-of-the-art breeding facility in Medford, Oregon is where all of our cultivars are bred to the highest standards of feminization, germination, and compliance. At 43,000 square feet, we are able to produce 20 million seedlings at a time!

Satellite Locations

Cave City, Kentucky

The Barrett family has been farming for over 100 years, and hemp has been a part of that for 3 generations. To this day, the Barretts work together to care for the land and tend to their crops as a family. Located in Barren County, KY, the Barretts partnered with The Plug Supply because it gives them the opportunity to help other farmers overcome their daily struggles and prosper from the hemp cash crop. Valuing honesty and transparency in all their business dealings, the Barretts offer propagation, agronomy, and shucking services as The Plug Supply’s Kentucky Satellite.

Endeavor, Wisconsin

Greenway Ventures of Wisconsin teamed up with The Plug Supply in 2019, and is excited to participate in the 2020 growing season. Hemp experts in their own right, Greenway Ventures will be providing such services as selling cultivars, propagating seedlings, and agronomy support. They look forward to sharing their expertise with The Plug Supply family and helping hemp farmers in their region grow and prosper.

Polo, Illinois

Comprised of two families of 3rd and 4th generation farmers, The Plug Supply’s Illinois satellite comes from a long line of farming experience. While their main crops have been corn, soybeans and alfalfa hay, the Bocker and Book families have now set their sights on hemp. They had a very successful season in 2019, seeding, harvesting and processing over 40 acres of high-CBD hemp. Their technical expertise and desire to innovate and improve the hemp farming process makes the Books and Bockers the perfect addition to The Plug Supply family.

Dallas, Texas

The Plug Supply Dallas was established in partnership with Lan Ingram – an entrepreneur with extensive experience throughout the hemp industry, and degrees in molecular and cellular biology. Lan wanted to bring his knowledge and experience back to his home state. Agriculture is the lifeblood of Texas.

The state currently leads the nation in its number of farms and ranches, with a staggering total of 127 million acres. The Plug Supply Dallas exists to provide the support,resources, and knowledge needed to spread hemp cultivation across the Lone Star State and to ensure the success and profitability of Texan hemp farmers.

Marietta, Oklahoma

SO Ranch is a family owned and operated property located on the hills above the Red River in Marietta, Oklahoma. The 300 acre ranch has primarily produced beef cattle, hay, and acts as a horse breeding and training facility. In the interest of growing and diversifying their business, SO Ranch began exploring opportunities in the hemp industry. SO Ranch will be growing their first hemp crop during the 2020 season and offering drying, shucking, and seed start production services from their facility. We are very excited for this new venture!