Quality CBD Begins With Quality Genetics

Selecting the right seeds is perhaps the most critical factor in the outcome of your hemp farming season. The Plug Supply has years of data and experience in developing high-CBD strains that produce maximum yields while remaining resistant to environmental stressors.

Every strain we offer is guaranteed to be 99% feminized with a germination rate of 99% or better. Crops produced from our seeds are rich in cannabinoid content while remaining below the 0.3% THC requirement to comply with federal regulations.

99% Feminized Seed

99% Germination Rate

High Cannabinoid Concentration

Full Agronomy Support

Start Your Season Off Right

When you purchase hemp seeds through The Plug Supply, you’ll have the full support of our Agronomy team to ensure you get the highest quality of crop for maximum profitability. Our experts will determine the strain that will perform best for you based on location, climate, soil content and all of the unique factors that go into your farm. With our team of farmers and scientists, you benefit from over 60 years of combined experience working to deliver a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your specific growing conditions.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Sustainable Practices

The Plug Supply is proud to be able to say we’re at the leading edge of the hemp farming industry, constantly incorporating the latest methods and technologies into our genetics, farming, and processing programs. Our 43,000 square-foot breeding facility in Oregon is capable of propagating 20,000,000 seedlings at a time. We are also committed to protecting the environment we depend on to cultivate and harvest our plant-based supplements that have made such a difference in people’s lives.

Our Specialized Seeds

We have taken the trial and error out of seed selection for you. Multiple generations of breeding have allowed us to hone the performance of each strain, allowing us to deliver stable genetics that are adaptable to a variety of environmental stress factors while producing cannabinoid-rich biomass that’s less than 0.3% THC.

Proof of Life

A tried-and-true genetic, our Proof of Life seeds are on their F8-F16 generations. An indica dominant strain with 99% feminization and 99% germination rates, this seed will produce a high amount of CBD in the form of premium smokable flower or oil-yielding biomass for extraction.

Lineage: Otto x Ringo Star x Wedding Cake
Indica Dominant 60/40

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Letter of Intent

Like Proof of Life, we have a long history of success with this strain, which delivers a 99% feminization rate and 99% germination. The difference is that Letter of Intent is sativa dominant. Widely adaptable to any climate, you can expect plants to produce high-quality smokable flower or oil-yielding biomass for extraction.

Lineage: Hempstar x Boax x Wedding Cake
Sativa Dominant 70/30

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Transparency (CBG)

Our newest genetic, Transparency is bred to produce high quantities of CBG, the latest hemp supplement shown to produce positive health & wellness effects. A great crop for farms looking to diversify their hemp offering, these seed batches are F5 for increased stability, 99% feminization, and 99% germination.

Lineage: Panakeia x Boax
Indica Dominant 60/40

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The perfect seed for the novice hemp farmer, Compliance is an indica/sativa hybrid that’s reliable and low-maintenance. Coming in at F8-F12 generations, this genetic is extremely stable and consistently delivers 99% feminization and 99% germination rates in a wide range of environments.

Lineage: Therapy x Otto x Wedding Cake
Indica Dominant 60/40

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